Dealing with fire and smoke damage can be considered as one of the most traumatic and devastating problems that a homeowner could face. In such instances, the damages to a property can range from hundreds of dollars to millions depending on the extent and severity of the fire. The losses can be catastrophic which can harshly affect and burden the homeowner.

 Property Insurance such as a Comprehensive Fire Insurance is one of the most suitable investments that you can consider in order to protect your property from such damages. A Fire Insurance, or any form or property insurance for that matter, can definitely give you peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, your property will get the necessary treatment and repairs following a disaster.

However, can you really rely on an insurance company to cover your claims after a fire has damaged your property? Can you expect your insurance to handle all the repairs and restoration without giving you a hard time?

In a perfect world, your insurance company will come running to your rescue as soon as your property has been damaged. It will readily assess the damages and losses and go straight to the computation of all costs. All you have to do is to wait for everything to go back to normal while they get everything restored and settled for you. As you wait, you can sit back and relax knowing that everything is being taken care of. After all, you paid for your property insurance. Is that right?


And we don’t live in a perfect world where everything is just flowers and butterflies. Dealing with property damage after a fire disaster is far from a walk in a park – even with full and comprehensive property insurance. It’s more complicated than that; and sadly, that’s not how the story goes for most insurance policy holders. You can be one of them if you are not aware of your options.

Dealing with Fire Disaster

In any case that you are facing damages to your property brought about by fire disaster, the first thing that you would naturally do is to contact your insurance provider. There is no question about that. If you are aware that your property is covered by Fire Insurance, it is just natural for you to report the incident to your insurance provider and file for the necessary claims to cover all damages. 

You can expect your insurance provider to send in some people who will check your property, assess the damages and losses, and get all the necessary information pertaining to the incident. Your full cooperation is expected throughout the process. You would be asked several questions as they scrutinize every tiny detail. You would be asked to wait until they finish the assessment and report. They would perform an evaluation and later on come to a final decision. 

Then, BAM! You will finally get the notice that your claims had been rejected after thorough evaluation. They would inform you that your property is not eligible for the claims and that you would not receive any coverage for the damages, repairs and losses.

Sad but true. These situations happen and they could happen to anyone. 

What are you supposed to do in such case? How are you going to deal with the problem?

Most insurance companies would refuse to give full details of the assessment and evaluation. There would be no clear interpretation as to why your claims had been rejected. They will only provide you with explanations using technical insurance terms which you may not completely understand. In the end, you will only find yourself lost and confused amidst the flurry of information. Even if you decide to bombard them with questions and reasoning about your understanding of insurance policies, chances are that their decision is final and absolute. 

Be Aware of Your Options

It is extremely tough and difficult to deal with insurance providers especially after they have rejected your application for insurance claims. They will refuse to re-open your case and you will only end up wasting a lot of time fighting for what you think is right. Fighting for settlement will only cause you a lot of physical and mental stress. Insurance companies are used to every type of fury from their rejected clients.

Spare yourself from this trouble and be aware of your options. There are suitable solutions to every insurance policy problem. You do not have to go through all the stress and pressure of dealing with your insurance provider. You do not need to negotiate and file for legal actions. That is the job of Public Adjusters.

Contact a Public Adjusters office and provide all the necessary information pertaining to the fire incident. Present your Insurance Policy and allow them to deal with the tough part of filing for your claims and performing the negotiation. If your insurance claim had been previously rejected, Public Adjusters can re-open your case and file for action. They can help in turning the situation around to your favor.

What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a professional who specializes in handling insurance claims. They legally represent your rights as an insurance policy holder during the process of claiming for an insurance coverage. Their technical expertise can interpret even the most ambiguous and complicated insurance policies thereby enabling property owners like you to receive the best insurance coverage and maximum amount for your claims. Basically, public adjusters can significantly increase the settlement value of your property’s damages and losses. 

If you are incapable of interpreting your insurance policy and your insurance provider had rejected your claims, you can rely on a public adjuster to turn things around and help you sort out the problem. Public Adjusters are professionals and highly skilled when it comes to interpreting insurance policies. 95% of the time, they can turn a “no claim” decision into a “full insurance coverage”. So if you are facing rejection from your insurance provider following a fire disaster, spare yourself from all the stress. Consult a Public Adjuster’s Office and present your concerns. You can even avail a free consultation.

How Public Adjusters Can Help

As an insurance policy owner, you may seek advice from a public adjuster. You can provide all the information needed to file your claims. You may even avail a free consultation to determine the extent of their services and to know more about their expertise.

Basically, public adjusters can do all the work for you. They can perform an evaluation of your existing insurance policy to determine what coverage is applicable to your claim. They will go to your property to assess the damage, take pictures of the affected areas, and get all the information they need to process your claim.

Public Adjusters can do all the technical research in order to substantiate the damage to your property and compute any additional expenses that arise from the fire incident. They can help in determining the values for settlement and prepare all the documents needed to support the claim on your behalf. 

You don’t need to worry about being interviewed by your insurance provider because public adjusters can negotiate the settlement for you. They can even re-open your case and further negotiate to increase the settlement in any case that a discrepancy has been found. 

So whether you are facing rejection from your insurance provider or you have been granted with insufficient insurance coverage, you can rely on the services of public adjusters. They specialize in various types of insurance claims, including fire damage claims, which technically fall under property insurance. 

Public Adjusters can also help you expedite your claims and obtain a satisfactory claim recovery more efficiently and within a shorter period of time. This can help you bring your life back to normal sooner and without the added burden of having to deal with your insurance provider on your own. They can offer you a less complicated process of bouncing back following a fire incident so you can focus on other things while they are working on your fire damage claims.

Take note that fighting for insurance coverage after a fire incident is not an easy process. It can be extremely stressful and mentally exhausting for you. This is the sad truth about claiming for insurance coverage. Not all stories have happy endings. However, with the help of public adjusters, things can turn to your favor because you can get the maximum settlement that you deserve. So don’t lose hope if you are facing troubles claiming for your property insurance. Consult a public adjuster and seek for their professional help. 

Final Words on Public Adjusters

Public Adjusters can handle fire damage claims professionally. It is within their expertise to determine and study how much an insurance policy holder is entitled to. They can assist you during the consultation and offer a step-by-step process to get things started. All you have to do is to provide all the information needed and to allow them to interpret and review your insurance policy.

There are a lot of insurance policy holders out there who had benefited from the services of public adjusters. In the midst of facing rejection from their insurance providers, they had chosen to seek the help of public adjusters in order to determine what choices they have left. 

Public adjusters can provide you all the possible options that can help you get the best insurance coverage for your property. As much as 95% of the cases handled by public adjusters get full settlement following negotiation with insurance companies. So know your options very well and don’t settle with rejection.