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What services you provide as a public adjuster company?

All services related to insurance. If they don't want to help you we will, and we will find the way to find a solution for you. Services we provide: Water damage insurance claims, hurricane damage insurance claims, Mold Damage insurance claims, Roof Damage insurance claims, Vandalism insurance claims, Business income insurance claims and more.

Where you operate?

We operate exclusively for Florida!

Public Adjuster Miami

Why do I hire a public claims adjuster after a disaster?

Generally, people hardly memorize the clauses and coverage details of their insurance policy. If you are among them, it is likely that you are not aware of the insurance claims you are entitled to after you are met with a disaster. In such a scenario, if you get in touch with the insurance company directly, you would probably be exploited and not get the full coverage that you deserve. An insurance company generally carries out a superficial examination and gives you a part of your recovery amount. However, with a public property adjuster, you are sure to get the full recovery of your coverage. An adjuster firm like us carries out detailed scrutiny and let you know how much you exactly can claim for. We get in touch with the insurance company and make them pay you the entire coverage you deserve.

How can I contact a public claims adjuster after I suffer from property damage?

Although many know how important it is to hire a public property adjuster after property damage, many find it very difficult to get in touch with the right adjuster after suffering from the shock of property damage. During a traumatic experience, it becomes all the more difficult to decide on which adjuster to hire. A sensible way to go about this is to look for the adjusters who do not make superficial promises. The firms that operate lawfully and comply with the legal protocol as well as make reasonable promises are the ones that would not be wrong to deal with. You can get in touch with your peer group and carry out a market survey to find out the right kind of adjuster for you.

What is the advantage of having claim adjusters?

A good and reputed public property adjuster like us acts as your representative. If you consider us, we would even make claims on your behalf if you somehow miss out on doing so. We get in touch with the insurance company, fix meetings for your claim settlements, and carry on discussions until we ourselves are satisfied with the claim they agree to pay. We understand your loss and scrutinize the property in such a way that we take a whole account of the damage you suffer. We take care of your dealings while you can take a backseat and look into other matters. A reputed public property adjuster would never charge you anything unless you get full recovery. This is how you can benefit by hiring a professional adjuster. You have nothing to lose!

Does a public claims adjuster only help in settling claims?

It is natural to have such questions in mind when suffering from a massive damage and looking for a public property adjuster to settle claims and get recovery from the insurance company in the quickest possible way. However, you should note that a reputed adjuster thrives on its goodwill and customer satisfaction. If you hire a professional adjuster of repute, you would not only get your claims settled and get full recovery of your claims, but also get constant guidance and support from the professionals. The continuous support that a public claims adjuster would extend your way is likely to set the road to your recovery and help you back on your feet.

Service Cost

What is the cost of a Public Adjuster Service?

Our Public Adjuster doesn't charge anything until you get paid, we know how to get what you deserve and more. Once you get more that's when we take a little cut. We don't charge anything upfront and if we're not able to help you, then there's no charges.

Percentage or Initial Payment?

Percentage after we get what you deserve from the insurance company. If they don't give you more of what they were offering we don't get anything.